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The Symposium Venue

Technical sessions of the symposium will be held in the BOL'SHAYA GOSTINNAYA hall, which is the small building just near the hotel at Schol'nyi boulevard. See the map of Chernogolovka where the symposium place, bus station, and holels are indicated (Available also as PDF-file).

Download the map of Chernogolovka where some important objects are pointed out.

More information about Chernogolovka and how to reach Chernogolovka is available here (in Russian).


Abstracts, program: e-mail: nikif@isp.nsc.ru  (Dr. Nikiforov)  phone: +7 (383) 333-3502  (Prof. Pchelyakov)   in Novosibirsk
Preliminary registration, accommodation: e-mail: NES-2011@iptm.ru (Dr. Yarykin)       phone: +7 (49652) 44075 (Prof. Vyatkin)  fax: +7 (49652) 44225   in Chernogolovka